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A sinking ship?

Time passes, events occur and positions change. This summary of events in the life of man has seen yet another in a long line of alterations.

Quite some time ago now the overnight appointed replacement for Attorney General Ghani Patail, a time expired judge named Apandi took office, and all his instructions, from his benefactor and master, one Najib Razak.

The latter was in trouble. He had stolen a large sum of public money from the State owned entity SRC and spent a good deal of it paying credit card bills for jewellery for the fat lady and the costs of an extended, and very expensive, trip abroad. That was not yet a matter of public knowledge but fools step in where angels fear to tread.

The fool in this particular instance was named Apandi, former judge and now Attorney General, serving at the pleasure of the Agong; as stipulated in the Constitution. He called a Press conference, the stated purpose of which was to deny that mega thief Najib Razak, to whom he owed his job, and much else, was as innocent as the driven snow is white.

Presumably to add a touch of verisimilitude to his statement he brought along a bunch of official papers. The very acme of a busy and important official. To drive that impression home he waved those papers in the air, presumably unaware that cameras could, and did, capture images of their contents. As all Malaysia knows these same documents proved conclusively that Najib had stolen SRC funds. And, of course, the pictures became public knowledge.

Since that fateful day when pride went before a major pratfall Apandi has, on every possible occasion, proclaimed the innocence of his protector Najib, though without mentioning SRC. Until now; when he said publicly that enquiries into thefts of public funds from SRC are ongoing and had not been stifled.

That is really bad news for Najib who is the thief of those funds,, along with very much other public money. Even Apandi can hardly have been stupid enough not to realise that his new statement would be damaging to his boss. So why? More asinine public conduct or the splash of the first rat over the side of the sinking ship. Apandi can tell us. Will he?

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