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Clueless or Worse?

Press reports tell us that, prior to the ASEAN summit meeting in Australia, the Prime Minister of that country held a private meeting to discuss summit issues with mega criminal Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Whatever views one may hold about the competence of Australian public authorities it is inconceivable  Mr. Turnbull is ignorant of the 1MDB affair,or that Najib has ben publicly described by the government of Australia’s most important ally, the United States, as a mega criminal and that he is a criminal of the worst kind.

It can be argued that, while in office as Malaysian PM Najib has to be treated as such. But to hold private meetings and consultations with such a mega criminal?  There have to be public doubts as to the motives of Mr.Turnbull in allowing that meeting.

Is this, after all, an instance of “birds of a feather” huddling if not exactly flocking together? If Australia wants to dispel that impression a public statement by Mr. Turnbull on why he allowed the meeting to take place is already overdue.

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