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Compliant Court

Once again the Court of Appeal has come to the rescue of arch criminal Najib by overruling the High Court which had allowed some young Malaysians to sue Najib for paying IPIC out of public funds.
This is far from the first time that this Court, whose chief is in office illegally and in contravention of the Constitution by reason of Najib’s crooked dealings, has come to Najib’s rescue. It was they who allowed the disgraceful appeal agaimst the acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim and they have shown partiality towards Najib and BN in numerous instances since. The reason? Your guess is as good as any other. Could just be professional incompetence or.
Those sitting there should not forget that they hold their posts at the discretion of the Judicial Services Commission and that after PH win there will be a sea change in its composition and a fresh look at all existing appointments; not just the illegal appointment of the President-

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