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Corruption Index

Malaysia’s place on the world wide Index of corrupt countries fell from 55 to sixty something last year. As a non local index it has to rely on statistics such as MACC reports and the result of Court cases. As all Malaysians know those do not provide a full picture of official corruption in Malaysia. A country whose Prime Minister is an internationally recognised mega thief and whose Parliament is a hive of criminals taking his money for doing his criminal bidding.
The MACC, which does know all this, has stated that it will create its own corruption index. If it does will that be published or remain an “official secret”? No prizes offered for the correct solution.  MACC chief Dzulkifli has recently had an indication as to how Putrajaya wish him to conduct the business of his agency! Stop looking in the “wrong” places or a bullshit prosecution for adultery will be raised against you.
The sad truth of the matter is that Malaysia should be at the bottom of this world index of corrupt countries. How many other countries have a mega criminal as Prime Minister and a Parliament content to do whatever he tells it to do or not to do? Or a Court system which ignores justice in favour of covering the criminal activities of the head of government. Or an Attorney General who holds up proof of the criminal guilt of the Prime Minister while declaring him to be entirely innocent! Speaks for itself does it not. The world index should take another look. NOW

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