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Crime Prevention?

Continuing his series of foolish public statements Najib henchman Zahid has said that Malaysia will not break off relations with N. Korea but maintain them. So a dictatorship that has imprisoned Malaysians as hostages and organised the brutal murder of it’s dictator’s half-brother in the middle of Kuala Lumpur is a suitable entity with which to have diplomatic relations?

That decision is so bizarre that there must be an underlying reason and in this case it is not far to seek. Which and how many of the Najib gang of criminals is making personal profits from links with this bloodstained dictatorship? Will Zahid tell Malaysians the details of that?

It is also of interest to note that Zahid made these remarks to a gathering of the Malaysian Crime Prevention body. No. Not the PDRM, most of whom would not notice a crime committed under their noses unless there was a bribe opportunity in it. But rather a joke think tank pretending to be concerned about crime in Malaysia.

It does not, however, appear to have noticed the massive crime wave being committed all over Malaysia by Najib and BN, whether against 1MDB or other state funds or indeed any source of public money that can be raided by arch thief Najib and his accomplices; Zahid among them.

It is obviously becoming more and more difficult for BN to find ways to cover up the fact that Malaysia has become a gangster State, headed by Najib, with Zahid close on his heels and plotting to grab the number one spot.

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