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Election Ethics!

The Chairman of the Election Commission, in a public statement, expressed the hope that the coming general election would be conducted ethically. Unfortunately he did not expand on what he meant by that. Does he, for instance, consider that the gerrymandering that his Commission has been and is carrying out is “ethical” And if so how?

It is one thing to be a paid puppet of the BN regime and another to hold oneself out as a dedicated and impartial public servant. In fact it is impossible and the Chairman proved this in his remarks

Can he, for example, explain how, his latest re-jigging of constituency boundaries, if it passes into law, can be ethical when its result would be that an 80% vote in favour of the Opposition would still give BN a majority of seats? Most people would judge that be be criminal;not ethical.

It is a pity that the Chairman did not also share with his audience his post election plans. Assuming his rigging works he will presumably soldier on in his unflagging and partial role? If it does not how much does he look forward to a diet of bubor, a sleeping mat, bars on the windows  and a very long wait to get out again?

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