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Election tactics

All Malaysians old enough to vote are well informed on how BN/UMNO have conducted past general elections.

Put briefly, by breaking all the laws governing the conduct of elections with the active connivance of the very authorities charged with ensuring fair elections. The Election Commission.

Some things have been taken for granted, in the past, and will be resorted to again by BN. First it has been assumed that no one, neither EC officials nor the PDRM, will intervene on the spot when breaches of election law occur; as they always have.

Secondly even if election petitions are filed to complain about electoral crime and other misconduct no Judge is remotely likely to find that such things did happen or to invalidate a result after hearing the petition. This explains why so much electoral fraud has been ignored in the past.

All this, and more, occurred at the 2013 general election and, even more blatantly, in State elections in Sarawak where the bribe per person cost is a lot lower than in Peninsular Malaysia. Even so BN came very close to defeat in 2013. They lost the popular vote even then.

And that was before the criminal activities of arch robber Najib and his accomplices became public knowledge.Before 1MDB. Before the report of the Auditor General. Before the rape of the EPF and other funds like Tabuing Haji. Before Najib sold Malaysia to Beijing to get money to pay off the Arab fund from which he had stolen billions. Before he sacked the Attorney General and replaced him with the puppet Apandi. Before he fixed the Courts by the illegal renewal of the appointments of the two top judges. Before,before, before. The list is too long to repeat here and is well known to all Malaysians.

And this is the man, and the party, that are asking to be returned to power! The criminals are running the prison aided and abetted by the PDRM and many of the judiciary. In some ways rather like Al Capone. Or, nearer to home, Indonesia’s Suharto or the Philippines’ Marcos or Zimbabwe’s Mugabe. All dictators pretending to be democrats. All using a corrupted government machine and the forces of repression to try to cover up their crimes.

It is pointless simply to await the Police and Judicial machinery of Malaysia to do what they are both paid to do and bound by their oaths of office to do. It is blindingly obvious that that is just not going to happen. If it was it would have done long ago. Najib has been shown by the Justice Department of the USA to be a mega criminal. Now it is the turn of the Malaysian electorate to confirm that judgment and to see him tried in Malaysia for all his crimes.

There is only one way to do that and it is to vote BN out of office. Vote them massively out. Show that Malaysian voters not only disapprove of criminal politicians but are prepared to do what is necessary to get them, all of them, out of Putrajaya and into Sg. Buloh

It is up to you. It is your country and that of your children. How do you want it to be? Paradise or hell?

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