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Fair exchange is no robbery

That much cannot be said of the Tun Razak Exchange saga. It now emerges, in public statements by Datuk Azmah, boss of TRX City, the company developing this site that up to 60% of the area has been sold off or otherwise committed and the intention is to keep the remaining 40% in cold storage for some years in a bid to make bigger profits later on.

It also emerges that TRX City is “under the ambit” as the Datuk so delicately put it of the Ministry of Finance Inc. In other words this taxpayer owned asset is in the hands of Malaysian mega thief and Minister of Finance Najib Razak

That being so Malaysians can confidently expect that the 40% reserved is reserved to form a future piggy bank for the biggest crook in Malaysian history; and probably world history at that. It also emerged from this statement of Azmah that TRX City is the successor to 1MDB under what he described as a “re-structuring”

So bankrupt 1MDB, its funds stolen by mega thief Najib and associates has been re-structured! How? First of all the huge sums it borrowed in order to steal them are still outstanding and interest payments on its bonds and loans are regularly due. As 1MDB is bankrupt these payments have to be met by the unfortunate Malaysian taxpayer. And he or she will not even have the benefit of whatever money could be raised from the TRX site. Which has now been “re-structured” into a honey pot for the thief Najib!

Finally it is reasonable to ask Datuk Azmah how much was realised from the sale of 60% which he revealed and what has happened to it since receipt? Candour please; for a change!

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