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Fantasy Tunnel

Addressing people in Perak deputy PM Zahid spoke about a tunnel that is to be constructed between Perak and Indonesian Sumatra.

Of course he did not say when the would happen, nor how long the tunnel would have to be, nor what benefit, if any, it would bring to either country. In fact the only reason for inventing this ludicrous project would be to induce hopes locally that some of the gravy would enter local rice bowls.

The voters of that area may be, in some ways,simple people hoping for an already long overdue improvement in their standard of living. But a tunnel to Indonesia! To make illegal immigration easier? To create fat contracts to be pillaged by BN Ministers? Or maybe, best of all, an escape route for fleeing BN Ministers and other crooks unable to get a seat on Najib^s plane? Hardly! A tunnel would take years to construct while Najib will need his escape plane in weeks or, at the most, months.

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