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Ignorant Diplomat ?

The Malaysian High Commissioner in London, in a letter to a London periodical, accused the latter of insulting Malaysia in every possible way. He even went to the length of including Prime Minister Najib in his list of insultees.

Presumably this “diplomat” is unaware that he is posted in a country which, apart from being the former colonial power in Malaya, not only respects free speech but actively protects it. British law allows Malaysians to come to its Courts for relief for alleged defamation so why does this High Commissioner not confine himself to reminding arch thief Najib that this option is open to him?

But no. He has to run off at the mouth with a series of absurd claims including one that the Economist is accusing Malaysian politicians, police, courts and most other Malaysian institutions of being corrupt. Got it in one High Commissioner! That is exactly what the Economist is saying and any Malaysian who feels defamed can come to the High Court in London to complain.

Meanwhile the FCO should be considering if this particular diplomat has breached the rules regarding his position to the extent that he should be invited to return home or, if unwilling, be obliged to do so.

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