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"Innocent" CID chief

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor and role model Khalid, current IGP Fuzi “cleared” his CID chief of all blame and criminal responsibility. Poor chap, he had even had his “promotion” delayed while his Australian escapade was being investigated!
This “innocent” CID chief persists that he does not want his money back as the Australian court procedures ate too complicated!  Nothing complicated about being found guilty and sent to jail. So let the money go. In Najib’s boleh land it can easily be replaced. More quickly now in an improved position at the head of the branch charged with investigating crime!
How fortunate to be able to sell one’s house and not bother to claim the proceeds. Not many police officers, of whatever rank are so rich as to be able to do that .Maybe Fuzi should enquire more closely into the finances of all his senior officers to find out how many are similarly financially well placed. Himself included.

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