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Jail Them And Forget Them

The proposal by arch crook Najib’s running dog Zahid to extend SOSMA speaks volumes about BN. This home grown version of the colonial detention without trial laws is not only totally undemocratic but entirely unnecessary. What dangers to the security of the State can Zahid point to to justify detention without trial? BN already have a stable of tame judges who will find whatever they are told to find. Has that become too embarrassing?

When the British resorted to such actions Malaysia was not a democracy and the UK was a colonial power defending its interests; in that instance against a communist guerrilla force intent on taking control of the country. So no complaints then from the Malay community. But now, after sixty years of democracy here we have a little coward like Zahid, backing a mega criminal like Najib in an attempt to put all critics and criticism behind the barbed wire of detention centres, muzzled and impotent. What a magnificent democracy that is!

No doubt the extension will be approved. Najib’s MPs will demand and get their bribes for votes and democracy will, once again, be the casualty of one of the most criminal regimes in the world today. Will they even feel shame? Probably not but it will be yet another thing for them to reflect on when they are all behind bars.

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