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Joke Attorney General

In an, even for him, stupid public performance AG Apandi announced that he would begin a “new contract” in late July. It has presumably escaped his notice that by then a new PH government will have been in office for some weeks and will have advised the Agong to dismiss him.

He also appears to have overlooked the fact that appointments as Attorney General can only be made by the Agong who does not issue service contracts. He has also overlooked the fact that, as set out in the Constitution, he holds office at the “pleasure” of the Agong and that is not something capable of being made the subject of a contract of employment.

No one should be surprised by these apparent gaps in Aandi’s legal knowledge. A man who can had up in public papers proving that the Prime Minister Najib is a common thief while at he same time proclaiming him o be “innocent” is no more fit to be a member of the legal profession than his office cleaner. Now that he has sen fit to call to public notice that he is a member of the InnerTemple the Benchers of that Inn should review the facts and strike his name from their roll of membership.

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