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Liars, B. Liars and the EC

In its latest attempt to avoid the charge of gerrymandering the EC, through its “Chairman” offered the “explanation” that the Commission cannot “split racial groups when drawing up boundaries”! Tahi  kudos and yet another example proving that the Commission can fiddle but it cannot lie effectively:

What he meant, of course, is that the EC will, and has, re-drawn constituency boundaries to try to get “one community” electoral districts irrespective of where voters actually live.

Not only is this tactic illegal and will see the whole EC in jail after GE14 but it is also stupid. Stupid because arch thief Najib, his fellow criminals in UMNO and in the EC all think that the Malay community will vote BN en bloc.

That might have been , and indeed often was, the case in the past. But in that past voters were unaware that the largest Malay party, UMNO, was run by  mega criminals who were stealing public money by the trainload. NOW the Malays are all too aware of that and that these thefts have come from pubic funds such as Tabung Haji and the EPF which are supposed to safeguard the interests of all Many voters.

IN GE13 Malay voters voted the “Malay party” UMNO not knowing that it had fallen into the hands of mega criminals. NOW they do know this and will vote for anyone but mega thief Najib’s party.  Mostly for PH which is Malay led and run by honest men and women of proven record.. That’s it, and the sooner mega thief  Najib and his greedy fat wife get the message and run for it the better for them and,DEFINITELY, the better for Malaysia.

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