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Minhan begs military for electoral support

In what is presumed to be a counter blow to the Chief of the Armed Forces, who retracted his call to all military to vote BN and told them to vote their conscience instead, Defence “Minister” Hishamuddin issued a pathetic appeal to the military to vote for him and BN.

As he forcibly moved a large military camp into his constituency to prop up his vote this new appeal might be seen as superogatory. In any case his implied threat that, if PH win no more goodies for the Armed Forces, is as childish as it is foolish.

Does he think that if PH win they will attack military privileges, status or pay? If so why does he not say so? Because that would make him seen as even more stupid than usual.

Not to worry. Lose and your cousin Najib will look after you. He has stolen billions from which to make you a monthly allowance.

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