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No free speech

Once again the High Court has ruled that the absurd and totally undemocratic Multimedia Communications Act prevents Malaysians from saying what hey think. The Court may be right in the sense of a technical interpretation of this undemocratic law though the Federal Court has yet to rule on its constitutionality. Don’t hold your breath here as that Court is illegally constituted.

The civil law of Malaysia provides, and has provided since before Independence, adequate provisions to allow anyone who feels defamed to seek recompense in the civil courts. Why then did arch criminal Najib not sue for defamation in this, and other similar,cases? Because he has no reputation capable of being defamed. He is a liar, a thief and, possibly much worse so it is easy to understand why he won’t sue for defamation but prefers to ty to silence critics by this wholly unconstitutional law.

After PH win the coming general election this particular law will be high on the list for repeal.

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