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Open letter to the Yang di Pertuan Agong

Your Majesty,

As the King of Malaysia you have, as you will be aware, many responsibilities towards all Malaysians. You        also have many powers given to you by the Constitution to enable you to carry out your duties as Head of State.

Your primary duty is, of course, to safeguard the interests of all your subjects and to ensure that the provisions of the Constitution, the supreme law of the country, are adhered to.

A situation has now arisen in which an internationally condemned mega criminal holds office as your Prilme Minister- That criminal, recognisisng that his crimes are generally known and recognised by the Malaysian people, is attempting to secure himself and his accomplices from punishment by, with the assistance of a corrupt Election Commission, altering constituency boundaries in such a way that even if his electoral opponents secure 80% of the votes cast he and his party would still have a majority of seats!  By no stretch of the imagination could such a situation be regarded as democratic.

This is not the first time your Prime Minister has engaged in such tactics. Prior to the 2013 General Election he gerrymandered seats and so obtained a majority despite losing the public vote.

As Head of State in a parliamentary democracy you simply cannot close your eyes to this blatantly criminal repeat on an even more outrageous scale.  As UMNO will force this through in the current session of Parliament your only recourse is to use your, unfettered , power to dissolve Parliament now and so force an election. albeit on an already  falsified constituency basis.

Your subjects urge you to do so. Your own conscience and respect for the rule of law will tell you that you must take this action both because it is your public duty to prevent crime and to retain public respect for your constitutional position. Failure to act may produce a temporary continuance of the existing constitutional arrangements but will most certainly lead in the longer term to a change in the arrangements for Headship of the State..

Your Majesty. Your subjects appeal to you to take the action that the Constitution allows and permit your subjects to choose the government that they want for the next five years-

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