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Our hard working Police Force

All Malaysians will be heartened by the news that the PDRM are to pursue foreign traffic offenders. This will, no doubt, raise considerable revenue,, if not for the State then for the pockets of the enforcers; in addition to offering proof that not all PDRM members spend their time looking the other way in the face of mega crime by arch thief Najib Razak and his fellow criminals.

Catching traffic offending foreigners may raise some extra revenue for a hard pressed Treasury but it is unlikely to have any significant effect on the view taken by most Malaysians about the PDRM; a bunch of blind men led by a gangster IGP. A massive clean- up task will await the next government and also the Service Commission which appears not to notice, and punish, the activities of Najib running dog IGP Khalid. Room for new employment there too.

The biggest problem facing an incoming government may well be finding a suitable officer to assume command of the PDRM; given the failure of any of its current senior cadres to note and act against the multiple crimes committed by Najib, UMNO and its own commander. Might it have to adopt the shaming, but necessary, expedient of bringing in an outsider to be the next IGP? Something to think about at Bukit Aman.

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