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Petty bribery?

With so many honorific titles being handed out both at Federal and State level it seems inevitable that some of the holders will appear in the criminal courts. This has just happened to an unidentified “Tan Sri” photographed being dragged to Court with his clothes over his head. Presumably he must be a BN purchaser as otherwise such a photo opportunity would not have been missed.

One question that will, or should, interest Malaysians is at what financial level does bribery and dishonesty cease to be a crime and morph into public service? We already know that those who steal in tranches of USD681 million are above whatever that level may be but is there a lower minimum figure? Arch thief Najib should certainly know the answer to that question since so many bribe takers and financial criminals are his close associates and supporters.

But will he enlighten the public on the matter? Probably not as he would not only have to admit his own mega guilt but also direct dozens or hundreds of his acolytes in the footsteps of yesterday’s Tan Sri.

MACC are to be congratulated for having tracked down this accused. Having shown publicly they can do it when are they going to arrest Najib? Or will they prefer to await similar action against themselves by the next Government?

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