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Provincial sucker? Or worse?

Sarawak’s Chief Minister laid bare either his ignorance of financial matters, or his complicity with arch crook Najib, in a statement about Sarawak’s share in gas plants in his State.

Recently he has been shouting loudly about his State getting at least a better share of, if not total control of, Sarawak’s oil reserves. Oddly enough Putrajaya seems to have been deaf to that even if it hopes to secure Sarawak votes in GE14.

Now it seems there are some oil/gas reserves in Sarawak that are being exploited locally. That would be good news if the resulting revenue were to be going to the State. But, as Openg himself admits, some 60% of all such revenue goes to? You guessed it. Petronas. So not only do Petronas and Najib get all but a tiny percentage of oil mined in Sarawak but also over half of the revenue obtained from the new gas exploitation. Great deal! For Kuala Lumpur. Poor relation’s share for Sarawak. Who signed these new arrangements between Sarawak and Putrajaya?

Could it have been Openg? Or his mega thief predecessor, State Governor Taib Mahmud?

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