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Quis custodiet?

There has been an intriguing silence at Bukit Aman recently. Back in the days of comic Khalid we could expect a laugh, or a groan, a week from the buffoon in charge there.

But now? Well it is only to be expected that an ex head of the Special Branch would take time to develop a public persona. After all that time in the shadows uniform feels strange and the habit of saying nothing that might be overheard constrains any sort of public image building.

So casual observers might conclude that the new man is still finding his feet; at least his public feet and persona. That must worry arch criminal Najib more than a little. Without almost daily demonstrations of public support for the most criminal politician in Malaysian history nasty doubts might creep in. Is he really my man after all? Is he secretly building a dossier against me? After all, that is exactly what Gani Patail and his associates were up to.

Happily then I had a snitch in the top man’s office at Bukit Aman and was able to attack them before they could attack me. But it was a near run thing. So when I decided that I could trust the new man and let buffoon Khalid go to change into his bus company uniform did I make a mistake? A possibly fatal one?

Maybe the low public profile at Bukit Aman is just shyness. A built in tendency to shun the public eye and the limelight. Or is it something much more dangerous? Promises of loyalty cost next to nothing and a sensible man might well be preparing his personal lifeboat against the day when the ship finally sinks.

What do you think Najib?

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