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Recuse himself?

MACC boss Dzulkifli is currently facing calls that he recuse himself from any 1MDB investigations by his agency as he was working in clown Apandi’s offices when the latter “cleared” Najib. The worry, presumably, is that he may have been infected by the same insanity or corrupt practice (call it what you will) that has marked the AG’s chambers since Apandi was installed there by arch thief Najib.

The calls are probably unnecessary since he shows no outward sign of making any enquiries into 1MDB or indeed doing anything at all to justify his appointment and perquisites.

The plain fact of the matter is that in criminally run Malaysia no one gets or keeps any job, ministerial or civil service, unless they are bound to and deeply involved with arch criminal Najib. The Service Commissions function only on Najib’ orders, rather than in accordance with the Constitution. The civil service acts or does not act only in accordance with the arch thief’s instructions. Malaysia is in fact a dictatorship run by a mega criminal, aided and abetted by those too corrupted or too scared, or both, to do anything without the arch criminal’s permission.

So no need to worry about the MACC chief rocking the boat; though he might be among the first to jump over the side as it sinks further and further into a sea of crime and corruption.

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