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Seismic SOSMA

In the latest public demonstration of his and UMNO’s incompetence Deputy PM Zahid revealed that 200 persons have been detained without trial every year for the last five years under the undemocratic law SOSMA. He gave the impression that this was an achievement instead of a public and disgraceful demonstration of fascism in allegedly democratic Malaysia.

What he did not say was how many of those detained were locked up for domestic political opposition to the gangster regime headed by arch thief Najib and himself. Instead he wittered on about foreign terrorists and the like. He would do better to concentrate on domestic criminals who are everywhere, not least in Putrajaya

Sosma itself is a disgrace to Malaysia. There are no terrorist or subversive organisations posing a major threat to national security; apart that is from UMNO which represents a major threat to democracy. There, if anywhere, exists something to justify the ridiculous offence of “activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy”.

If anyone should be arrested and tried for that particular offence it is Najib and all UMNO members of Parliament who have extinguished parliamentary democracy in Malaysia in their frantic quest to steal all the public money that exists; or whatever such that remains un-stolen.

Maybe Zahid should take over responsibility for Malaysian prisons. That way he could be sure of arranging his own future long term accommodation

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