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Speaker or Ventriloquist?

The Malaysian Parliament, like some other such Institutions, seems to be afflicted by having a pompous and ignorant Speaker. This, non elected, individual, who has his own private gilded loo extorted from an unwilling taxpayer, has lately been giving a further example of his unfitness for his post by suspending some opposition members for querying an attempt by his employers, Najib and Co., to rush through  new legislation validating the most outrageous gerrymandering seen anywhere in the Commonwealth for many years.

This Speaker is not, as he should be, a member of the Malaysian Parliament but a direct appointee of the ruling BN party and. on his record, their totally compliant creature. So no one should be surprised when he is seen to be partial to BN wishes over legislation.

This sad situation is in part down to the British Government which exported its Parliamentary traditions and practices to Malaysia when according that country political independence. While it may have been laudable to attempt that there had already been many examples of former colonies junking such practices and restraints on dictatorship.

The least the present UK government can do is to condemn, openly, abuse of democratic practice by foreign criminals like Malaysian Prime Minister Najib.  As opposed to using  them for photograms in No.10 and sending the Heir to the Throne on demeaning visits to internationally discredited criminals in former colonies. Is that too much to ask? Or do the profits of a handful of businesses that contribute to party funds take precedence?

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