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Tarnished the Image?

This is what mega crook Najib Razak said in his speech at a Police ceremony. He had the insolence to claim in public that criticism of the PDRM “tarnished its image”. Well he should know all about tarnishing images given the mega tarnishing he has done of Malaysia’s image both inside the country and internationally.

No one is criticising the PDRM as a body, even if there are some bad apples in its lower ranks. Criticism of its management is another thing altogether. What are Malaysians to make of an IGP, head of the Force, who, when part of a team investigating Najib for criminal offences with public money, ran privately to warn him and so allow an illegal coup of the Attorney Generalcy, the overnight sacking of Ghani Patail and his replacement by the running dog Apandi. Just another crooked copper taking bribes they will say and they will be right.

So how was it possible for the Prime Minister, at an official function of the Police, to claim that criticism was “tarnishing the image of the Police”? It is he who, on innumerable occasions, has tarnished that image and allowed a blatant criminal to remain as its Head. Only a mega criminal could have done that and mega criminal is exactly what Najib is.

Since the PDRM was the subject of Najib’s remarks it is legitimate to enquire why all the senior ranks immediately below the criminal IGP have firmly shut their eyes to all the crimes being committed in their view both by Najib and IGP Khalid? Are they worried that they will lose their jobs; like Ghani Patail? They should rather be worrying about what will happen to those jobs, and their pensions, when Najib is in prison and the present Opposition are in power.

Useless then to claim that that were powerless to act. All police officers have the power to act against criminals and crime and if they fail to do so the law prescribes severe penalties. which WILL be applied. So think about that in Bukit Aman. A criminal PM and his criminal associates will feel the wrath of the electorate and complicit cops will not be immune.

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