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We Know Who They Are

Malaysia’s comic opera IGP stated this publicly some days ago when referring to N.Koreans implicated in the murder of Kim Jong Un. If that was not true then (highly possible) he certainly does now having been party to allowing them to leave Malaysian territory. As, on his own previous statements, he knew them to be involved in the murder he so breached several sections of the Penal Code. Admittedly he is not much of a policeman but it can be assumed he knows that much about the law.

Of course arch thief Najib has only to snap his fingers and running dog Khalid will run panting to do his bidding. All Malaysians know that and have seen him in such action before. For instance when he informed Najib that a warrant of arrest was to be issued against him, so enabling that master crook to sack the Attorney General and replace him with that other running dog, Apandi.

To revert for a moment to Khalid’s quote about knowing who is who and what is what he should remember that we know everything about him and his criminal boss and accomplice. No term of imprisonment can be too long for those who have breached not just multiple laws but also the trust placed in them by the people and electors of Malaysia. Bear that in mind every day.

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